Surveillance teams, watch lists,
gang stalking and targeted individuals


Basic mechanism
  Surveillance team app
  Surveillance team tactics
Response in target
  Confusion phase
  Watch list removal
  Other effects
Role in society
  Social media
  Watching the watchers
  Mass shootings/murders
  Popular culture
  Other uses of the term
  Other components
  Temporary evasion  

Attempts to be taken off the watch list

The target will contend with how to end the stalking.

  • If they try to wait it out this is unlikely to work as people report being stalked for years, decades even.

  • If they go to the police, they are likely to be referred to mental health services, rather than the police admitting to the existence of gang stalking.

  • If they try to eradicate it by moving to a different location within the same country, it is highly likely to start up again soon after moving, as these programs seem to be nationwide

  • If they contact other government departments they may face a wall of bureaucracy and those government departments are unlikely to understand the stalking.

  • If they try to convey to the surveillance team that they know they are being stalked in an attempt to get them to stop the stalking, it is highly unlikely to work as the company doing the stalking on behalf of the government will be profiting from the stalking and will not want to give up that profit.

  • If they try to mount a legal challenge, they will likely have trouble collecting the evidence necessary, particularly as they do not have access to number plate databases, so cannot prove the identity and nature of employment of the individuals stalking them.

The only thing that is reported to have a reasonable chance of success is to leave the country.


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