Surveillance teams, watch lists,
gang stalking and targeted individuals


Basic mechanism
  Surveillance team app
  Surveillance team tactics
Response in target
  Confusion phase
  Watch list removal
  Other effects
Role in society
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  Watching the watchers
  Mass shootings/murders
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Watching the watchers

There is a lack of proper regulation of watch lists (ie. no-one 'watching the watchers').

No time limit
The duration of being surveilled is often exceedingly, disproportionately and unnecessarily long, being years, decades or even, if the parents are under continuous surveillance, from birth.

No Judicial oversight
To prevent corruption.

No algorithm accountability
For algorithms and/or predictive policing that result in people being placed on watch lists

No proportionality
Hardened criminal get 18 months surveillance, a terrorist 24 months, yet someone who has no criminal history whatsoever can get left on the watch list for years.

No ability to challenge the reasons

No diminishing probability

No formal standards

No adherence to policing principles
Such as challenging the target / opening up a dialogue.

No removal mechanism

No science into the health effects
The physical and mental health effects of being stalked, particularly emotional wellbeing.

No science into mass shootings
The link with mass shootings, murders and attempted murders, and the potential for danger within the society of stalking large amounts of people. It's quite possible that placing potentially dangerous people on watch lists, considering this induces intense and chronic stress, could increase the prevalence of dangerous acts, rather than decrease them.

No intensity limits
i.e. there could be dozens of people all surrounding and stalking an individual at any one time

No human rights adherence
Liberty, freedom from torture, privacy

Little law adherence


Part of the problem is that most of the people running the watch lists have never been on a watch list themselves so have no idea of the devastating effects it has on the targeted individual's life

The law

Gang stalking constitutes far more than just surveillance and it has devastating effects on the lives of the people being stalked. Human rights laws are designed to guarantee a basic standard of living in most countries. Of particular interest are:

  • The human right to liberty - Liberty is: 'the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life and behavior'.

  • The human right to be free from torture - This includes psychological torture.
    Gang stalking is often described as a form of psychological torture.

  • The human right to respect one's private and family life

Considering the high degree of people being gangstalked not leaving their own home and/or adapting their life significantly due to the distress caused, and also the fact that gang stalking is universally described as torturous, these human rights are being contravened.

The people doing the surveillance seem to have no regard for these laws.

One of the main challenges is how the individual being stalked proves what is happening to them in a court of law. They do not have access to number plate databases so they cannot prove, for example, that the cars following them and surrounding them are not local and/or that they are owned by people who work for the same company. They are also up against so many forces in the government - police, military, other big government departments - global companies, local companies and the mainstream and local media. It is difficult for someone to put themselves up against such power, and it would deplete the individual's resources, such as time, money etc.

It's also very hypocritical when the government take stalking so seriously when an individual does it with potentially up to 10 years in prison, yet when they do it, continuously for years, it's considered ok.



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