Surveillance teams, watch lists,
gang stalking and targeted individuals


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  Watch list removal
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Role in society
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  Watching the watchers
  Mass shootings/murders
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  Temporary evasion  

Surveillance team tactics

Surveillance teams will often have trails of 3-4 cars which sprawl off to cover different exit points that the target may take.

Other tactics include:

  • If the target leaves the local area a subset of the surveillance team will 'split off' from the main team in order to continue to track the target. This may be described by a target as being, for instance, surrounded on a motorway by vehicles.

  • If the target goes to a large area (cemetery, forest etc.) they will form a boundary line of spotters on main roads around the area that the target is in and wait for the target to cross that boundary line so they can start being stalked again when they leave that area.

  • If the target takes a regular route and seems to disappear each day at the same location (this could be if they nip down an alley way each day when a surveillance car is out of sight) - more and more role players will be placed at that location each day (up to dozens at the same time) until they figure out which route the target is taking.


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