Surveillance teams, watch lists,
gang stalking and targeted individuals


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Mainstream media vs social media portrayal of watch lists

The mainstream media when discussing watch lists are likely to portray then as being covert, and as having dangerous people - such as terrorists and criminals - on them.

A different side of the story is being told by people on social media - where the stalking and surveilling is not covert but overt, and, where the people being stalked are simply regular people - clearly not dangerous criminals. A lot of people on these watch lists have no criminal history whatsoever and are placed on watch lists and stalked for years, even decades.


Mainstream media

Social media



Overt (due to cumulative effect)

People stalked

Dangerous people and hardened criminals

Regular people, no criminal history, not dangerous

Effect on target

No effect

Devastating effect



Severely disproportionate

The terminology is also different. The government, through the mainstream media, will refer to things such as surveillance teams, surveillance role players (as advertised in job listings) people of interest and 'directed' or 'targeted' surveillance. Individuals, through social media, will refer to the surveillance teams variously as gangstalkers (i.e. the surveillance team is a 'gang' of 'stalkers'), perpetrators, zombies (referring to the lack of genuine human emotion and purpose in the people doing surveillance role play which make them appear abnormal), bots (referring to the fact that the surveillance team members are being coordinated by a back-end server) and community-based agents.


Mainstream media

Social media


Surveillance team

Gang stalkers

People stalked

Targeted/directed surveillance

Gang stalking

Effect on target

Surveillance role player, mobile surveillance operative

Gang stalker, perp, zombie, bot, community based agent


Person of interest

Targeted Individual

Things commonly pointed out by people being stalked on social media

These are the most common things pointed out on social media by people being

  • 'Brighting' Everywhere the target goes, they are being 'brighted' ie. illuminated (in order for the surveillance team to get a good image of them). It's common for a car idling with usually very bright headlights on facing the target.

  • One head lighted vehicles Surveillance vehicles are often equipped with toggle switches to switch each headlight on and off. The idea is that the car can be made to look like a different one at night. However, this backfires as the target notices a much higher frequency of these 'one head lighters' along their journey.

  • Color coordination The surveillance teams will sometimes color coordinate, such as for example, having all red or white cars, or wearing red items of clothing.

  • Hand signals Hand signals are used for communication in many industries - from police and military to sports referees. Surveillance teams will use very sublte hand signals to communicate with each other - such as to indicate the position of the target. These hand signals may only be visible when recording the members of the surveillance team with a camera with optical zoom.

  • The same types of vehicles around them e.g. delivery vehicles or taxi's from the same company, motorbikes with L plates etc.

  • Someone always being near them Despite lots of other places an individual could be in the area

  • Synchronization with the target The target can look outside their house and see no-one about. As soon as they leave their house, 3 or 4 cars will appear (within 30 seconds to a minute) near the target. The target can be in a park and see no traffic flow around it - as soon as the target ventures onto the road they will experience numerous cars 'synchronizing' with them - ie. driving at the same time near time. They will experience cars turning onto the same road the target is on, even when there may be over a dozen other parallel streets available. This becomes highly predictable.

  • The people around them not being local They will have license plates from another part of the country and if the target tries to speak to them they will not have a local accent.

  • Trails of vehicles which sprawl off to different exit points to cover potential exits of the target

  • Street theatre Such as people pretending to be fixing a vehicle near them

  • Same time entry/exit i.e. members of the surveillance team arriving at a particular location at the same time as the target, then leaving very shortly after the target leaves that location

  • Subtly taking pictures of the target with their phone

  • Continuous traffic around them Even on backstreets

  • A lack of purpose in the people around them They only ever have a fake purpose for being near the target, not a real one.


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