Surveillance teams, watch lists,
gang stalking and targeted individuals


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The effect on the target's life is devastating. The duration of being surveilled is often exceedingly long, being years, decades, or, even, if the parents are under continuous surveillance, from birth.

Numerous steps are taken to make the surveillance covert - branding of the members of the surveillance team, surveillance role play, rotation of the teams etc. Even so, the target will likely quite quickly realize they are being followed. This is due to the cumulative effect of lots of smaller things happening to them all along their journey, which will give them a sense that something is not right.

As an analogy, when someone is communicating, the message they are conveying may be based on the cumulative effect of lots of things such as the words they use, their body language, their facial expressions, the amplitude and intonation of their voice etc. It's the cumulative effect of all of these things that allows someone to understand their message.

In the same way, it's the cumulative effect of lots of smaller things that can contribute to the target being able to almost instantaneously approximate who are real people and who are surveillance team members.

Parked cars will switch on their headlights just before the target walks past. Other cars will be going in and out of streets near the target as though they are lost, and/or making ostensible driving mistakes (in order that they can surveil the target). Cars will be pulling up on the curb near the target. Other cars will be doing U-turns near the target. Everywhere they go , there will be vehicles idling with idle people in them and headlights on. They will drive slowly past the target. On every street the target goes on - even on backstreets - there will be someone with some kind of very bright light ready to flash it toward the target. Other cars will pull up on the periphery of the target's vision with no purpose, idling with the headlights on. None of these people will be acting normally. There is higher traffic flow than normal on every street and particularly around the target. There will be people waiting to see which street the target goes down next. There will also be idle cars switching on headlights just before the target walks by, waiting on the targets street with headlights on just before the target leaves their house (if they have detected they are about to go on the move), turning into and driving slowly past the target when they get back to their house, vehicles pulling up in the same park that the target is in.

There will also be a lack of genuine emotion/behavior in people. Normal, genuine behavior might be getting home from work, slamming the door due to being stressed and going into one's house, a kid cycling down the road singing to themselves without a care in the world, a car listening to load music driving fast past the target without any care about the target whatsoever, two acquaintances meeting in the street and their faces 'lighting up' with genuine emotion. The people doing surveillance do not emote whatsoever, and in their attempts to appear normal, actually tend to appear like zombies. They also rarely show any eye contact or genuine facial expressions.

Even though the surveillance team will try to vary the types of surveillance techniques on the target, the same patterns and techniques will be used again and again - it will still be obvious to the target as all of a sudden their world has changed. If the target is out and about every day, within a week they will know they are under some form of surveillance.


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