Surveillance teams, watch lists,
gang stalking and targeted individuals


Basic mechanism
  Surveillance team app
  Surveillance team tactics
Response in target
  Confusion phase
  Watch list removal
  Other effects
Role in society
  Social media
  Watching the watchers
  Mass shootings/murders
  Popular culture
  Other uses of the term
  Other components
  Temporary evasion  

Popular culture

Notable YouTube videos

  • The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking The documentary maker Vice meets up with self-described victims of gang stalking and those who think it is a delusion.

  • Why Are We Stalking You? To Keep You Out of Jail A description of an 'outreach' program. A police officer in the video says: "Once they grab onto you, they don't let go". The presenter jokes: "We roam the streets. We call what we do relentless outreach. It is really stalking, but that is not legal". They are also running a "pay for success contract" with investors.

  • Turning the Tide on Police Surveillance - Discusses predictive policing, Stingray, ALPR (Automatic license plate readers) and other technologies, the lack of knowledge and input from the general public on the use of these technologies, and the threat to civil rights and liberties. Also discusses how some communities are empowering themselves and 'turning the tide' on these forms of surveillance.


  • The Truman Show - Being gangstalked is often likened to being in The Truman Show. The difference being that a targeted individual will experience an interweaving of real and fake people and the stalking and surveilling is ostensibly for the purpose of government surveillance rather than for entertainment.


  • We're the Gang Stalkers - Rusty Cage Features the lyrics: "We’re the gang stalkers, buddy, and we’re everywhere. When you see a gang stalker then you better beware. We follow you around in our bright red cars. We’re all gang stalkers and we know where you are"

  • Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell Featuring a sample from Michael Jackson. It features the lyrics "I always feel like somebody's watching me and I have no privacy" alluding to the possibility of having cameras in the house. This is followed by "Are the neighbors watching me? Who's watching? Well, is the mailman watching me? Tell me, who's watching?"



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