Surveillance teams, watch lists,
gang stalking and targeted individuals


Basic mechanism
  Surveillance team app
  Surveillance team tactics
Response in target
  Confusion phase
  Watch list removal
  Other effects
Role in society
  Social media
  Watching the watchers
  Mass shootings/murders
  Popular culture
  Other uses of the term
  Other components
  Temporary evasion  

Other effects

In addition to the chronic stress induced by all of the questions and the effective restrictions on their liberty, the target will likely feel:

  • Powerlessness Due to a huge power imbalance - the police, military, large government departments, global companies (doing the stalking on behalf of the government departments and supplying literally thousands of stalkers), local companies (being paid to supply real vehicles so that they can 'hide in plain sight'), mainstream media and local media all working together against the target.

  • Self doubt Have I actually done something wrong?

  • Lack of trust Are the people close to me real (or are they covert human information sources employed by the government)?

  • Loss of faith and respect in authority As it's not being regulated properly and the system is highly fallible. The people in government suffer from double standards as they wouldn't want it happening to them, but it's ok to do it to other people. They are dishonest about 'lack of resources' in these government departments. They also let people be diagnosed with false mental health diagnoses when they know it is real. The entire form of surveillance is unreasonable.

  • Annoyance At not being able to carry their smartphone around with them

  • Fear of further punishment should they speak out about it

  • Disappointment At the lack of care for the physical and mental health of the target (in particular the emotional wellbeing) and also people close to the target who may be indirectly affected

  • Disbelief At the fact that stalking is meant to be a serious crime yet the government can do it ad infinitum and that's ok

  • Feeling of not living in a human society Automation bots, zombie's (surveillance team members), large companies - none of which have human emotion or act and can be interfaced with like human beings

  • Constantly having to separate truth from fakery Very stressful. One of the reasons why going into nature feels so relaxing as everything from the sky, stars, moon, tree's and stream are all real. The part of the brain which separates truth from fakery - constantly being activated when being gangstalked - can switch off, and the brain can finally relax

The target may also suffer financial losses and hardship.

In addition, they may also find it difficult to plan for the future (i.e. if I move will the stalking stop? If I have children will they be 'gangstalked from birth? etc.)


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