Surveillance teams, watch lists,
gang stalking and targeted individuals


Basic mechanism
  Surveillance team app
  Surveillance team tactics
Response in target
  Confusion phase
  Watch list removal
  Other effects
Role in society
  Social media
  Watching the watchers
  Mass shootings/murders
  Popular culture
  Other uses of the term
  Other components
  Temporary evasion  

Adaptation / coping mechanisms

Once the target has accepted that they are on a watch list and have a basic understanding of it, they will likely develop coping mechanisms to limit the harm of being stalked.

These will include:

  • Staying indoors (so as to limit the stalking). In general, the target is likely to become socially withdrawn. The target may describe the surveillance team as having 'stolen the best of me'

  • Wearing headphones when outside (so as to try to block out what is happening)

  • Developing a safe space where they can spend time without being stalked (such as in a garden or workplace)

  • Leaving one's phone at home (to make it more difficult to be tracked, otherwise they will always know exactly where the target is), then going to a large area, particularly at night, such as a cemetery or forest, which is likely to provide some much needed short-term relief from the stalking.



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